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Home Insurance Claims Procedure

How to Claim

What you should do

First, check your insurance policy to see if the incident that has occurred is covered by your policy. If it is, then please dial 01 2611488. We will take details of your claim and arrange for an approved Loss Adjustor to call out to your home and deal with the damage that has occurred.

We will also find out what items have been damaged or stolen and take steps to organise replacements for some of them from our approved suppliers.

Claims Notification Period

Please note that all claims must be notified to Blue Insurance Home Cover Claims within 30 days of their occurrence. Please refer to the Policy Conditions section of this document and familiarise yourself with your obligations as failure to comply could result in your claim being refused.

Basis of Claims Settlement

  • We will indemnify you by payment or, at our option, by reinstatement, replacement or repair, for loss or damage with a deduction for wear and tear made only in respect of clothing, footwear, floor coverings, household linen and Pedal Cycles
  • We will pay up to the sum insured for buildings shown in the schedule (plus any index linking adjustment applicable) for the cost of rebuilding, repairing or replacing the damaged parts of the buildings, inclusive of any amount which may become payable under ‘Additional Benefits Building’ section of this policy.
  • If the buildings are not rebuilt or repaired we will pay at our option the difference between the market value of the Buildings prior to the loss or damage and the market value of the buildings following the loss or damage.
  • If the buildings have not been maintained in a good state of repair, a deduction will be made for wear and tear.
  • If at the time of any loss or damage the sum insured is less than the cost of rebuilding, we will reduce the claim payment by the same percentage the property is under insured by. (Average Clause – see below)
  • If you received a premium reduction as a result of an unintentionally misrepresentation, we may reduce the amount we pay in respect of any loss for buildings & contents in proportion to the premium discount you received.
  • The maximum amount that we will pay in respect of any one loss for contents is the Limit of Indemnity stated in the schedule.
  • If at the time of any loss or damage the total cost of replacing all of the contents as new, less an allowance for wear and tear for clothing, footwear, floor coverings, household linen and pedal cycles, is greater than the Limit of Indemnity for contents shown in the schedule, we will pay only that proportion of the loss which the Limit of Indemnity bears to the replacement cost. (Average Clause – see below)
  • The maximum amount we will pay in respect of any one loss for valuable Items is 33% of the Limit of Indemnity for contents shown in the schedule.
  • The maximum amount we will pay for any valuable Item is €4,000, unless specifically insured.
  • We will not pay for the cost of replacing any undamaged items forming part of a set or suite or other article of a uniform nature, design or colour when damage occurs to a specific part or within a clearly definable area and replacements cannot be matched.
  • In the event of loss or damage to any one article or pair or set of articles where the value exceeds €2,500 it will be necessary for a valuation (if not already provided) or recent evidence of value or proof of purchase, to be produced before any payment can be considered.
  • Where we elect to settle your claim on a cash basis, we may release a proportion of the estimated cost of repair/reinstatement prior to completion of the work. You must keep your receipts for any repair/reinstatement work as you will need to validate these costs. The balance of the cost, known as a ‘retention amount’, will be paid to you on receipt of the relevant documentation that validates the costs incurred by you for the repair/reinstatement work. (e.g. VAT invoices)

Automatic Reinstatement

We will not automatically reduce the sum insured by the cost of any claim provided that the repair or reinstatement has been completed and any recommendations to prevent further damage have been carried out.

Underinsurance (Average Clause)

If the sum insured at the time of the insured loss or damage is less than the cost of rebuilding or replacing as new all the buildings & contents covered then you shall be considered as being your own insurer for the difference and we will pay only that proportion of the loss or damage which the sum insured bears to such cost.