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Buying home insurance can be a complicated process to understand. From getting to grips with terms like “reinstatement value” to finding clever ways to save on your cover, it can be a minefield. Once people buy their home insurance policies, they rarely realise that there is a more extensive list of cover benefits. Here at Blue Insurance, we like to always offer our customers more. That’s why under our standard policies we offer cover against even these unusual items you may not have thought of;

Fire Brigade Charges:

In the event of a fire, having a sufficient level of cover will help you claim for the cost of repairing what’s damaged. Many people tend to forget though that there is a charge whenever a fire brigade has to be called to a property. This charge can range from €350 to over €500 per hour and come as a massive shock. To help with this outlay, our policies offer you cover for this of up to €2,000.


Replacement Locks: 

If your home is burgled, then it’s likely that the perpetrators may have damaged your locks and entryways. With all of our policies, you are covered for up to €500 if you need to call someone out to fit new locks. This will help you to secure your home again as quick as possible. This also applies if you lose your keys and need the locks to be replaced.


Image of someone opening a locked door. Many home insurance policies will offer replacement locks as a cover option


Theft of Contents from Outbuildings: 

Many people treat their home and it’s surrounding outbuildings as separate entities. These outbuildings such as sheds, greenhouses and summer houses (and their contents) are covered under most home insurance policies though. In the event of a theft from these buildings, you can claim up to €750 and even €1,000 from a locked outbuilding with Blue Insurance.


Credit Cards:

If you lose your credit or debit card, remember that you should report it to both the Garda and your bank within 24 hours. If you become liable for any expenditure that has occurred on the card since losing it, then we can cover you for up to €1,250 of this expenditure.


Image of a credit card. Loss of credit or debit cards can be covered as part of your home insurance policy


Legal liability of domestic employees:

If you have a child minder, cleaner or other type of domestic employee (that does not have their own public liability insurance) then you will need to cover yourself in case they have an accident while on your property. Luckily our home insurance will cover you in this event to a limit of €2,000,000.


Loss of oil or metered water: 

Monthly utility expenses can be something that people really struggle to manage. If one of your monthly utilities is say gas or water then an accidental leak can end up being costly. Thankfully, with a home insurance policy from Blue Insurance you’re covered for up to €800 if you need to claim for this.


Image of a garden stove heater. Many home insurance policies will cover loss of oil, gas or water up to a specified limit


These are still just some of the unusual things that your home insurance policy can cover. For more on what’s covered, check out our home insurance policy documents. If you’re looking to get your own peace of mind then get a quote on home insurance today. You can also get a great value car insurance policy too. For future news, offers and other content don’t forget to follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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