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With the recent drop in temperatures around Ireland it’s clear that winter is on the way! This combined with the darker evenings means that the memories of an amazing summer are starting to fade. As the clocks are also set to go back this weekend, evenings will be getting even darker. With Gardai noting that this can lead to a 20% spike in burglaries, our friends over at HomeSecure.ie put together an infographic with tips on keeping your home safe during these long winter months.


Image of a home infographic with tips on how to avoid burglaries in winterImage Via: Homesecure.ie 


Garda Síochána release a ‘Light up and Lock up’ message this time each year so people can make burglars job as difficult as possible. Lighting up is now also something that can be available on the go. Smart Switches or Smart Plugs can be bought and allow people to manage lights from their smartphones. You can also set fixtures to a self timer making it look like someone is home when the house is empty. CEO of HomeSecure.ie, Colm Daly added the following ahead of the clocks going back, “We know crime prevention is much more effective than crime control and we encourage our customers to do what they can to prevent a burglar from ever entering their home. Making your home less inviting to potential crime is critical as we outlined in these points.”


Image of Home Alarm system from homesecure.ie. These type of alarms are vital to prevent burglaries


Be sure to visit Homesecure.ie if you’re looking to improve your current home monitoring system or get some home safety tips from their blog! Don’t forget that a good home monitoring system can save you money on your home insurance. If you’re looking to save even more money on your policy, then check out our current home insurance offers. You can also get a great value car insurance policy too. For future news, offers and other content don’t forget to follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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