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Summer is the time to enjoy your driving! The harsh winter commute is now a distant memory and most of us are in the middle of planning road trips, weekend breaks and even full blown stay-cations! This should make summer a perfect time to conduct a quick health check and ensure that your car won’t let you down once the cold, dark and damp winter months roll in again! Here’s our list of some things that may need your attention


Image of a woman resting against the side of a VW Beetle Car.


The Deep Clean

Now that the sun is out ( okay maybe not the sun, but it is brighter ), you should have already by now began to wash your car even semi – regularly! Not only will this make it look great but your friends will be more inclined to want to go on a road trip once you’ve given it a sprucing!


Image of a car in an automated car wash



If you’re somebody who doesn’t clock up a huge amount of mileage during the year, then the summer offers a chance to get out and enjoy what Ireland has to offer! This dream 7 day Irish Road Trip Guide will take you across the country to take in all it has to offer! Just be careful that once the summer has ended, that your adventures haven’t worn down the Tyre thread.


Image of a car tyre in a driveway during a summer day


Your Air Con System

Something that will (hopefully) be getting used a lot during the summer months is your air con system. Getting scalded by hot belt buckles or leather upholstery is still a traumatic childhood memory most of us carry through life. However, bear in mind that excessive use of these can lead to damage which is seriously pricey to fix especially in older cars.


Image of a hand on a car steering wheel



Make sure that throughout any long period of sunshine, that your car is under a shade. This can overhead an engine even before it has began driving and damage the paint job like below (maybe a slightly extreme example). Buying a cheap sunscreen for the inside of your windshield will also help to prevent fading of inside upholstery.


Image of an old rusted classic car damaged by the summer sun


Locking Up

As you pack your car for that beach trip or picnic, ensure you don’t leave anything valuable sitting in the back. Opportunistic thieves will always be found around these public places checking for valuables through windows. Keep all valuables on your person (don’t even risk the glove box) at all times and clear anything out of sight so you relax knowing your car isn’t standing out among the rest as an easy target.


Image of toy cars parked alongside each other. Car safety can be a big issue during summer months

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