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Whether you’re taking out car insurance for the first time or have a renewal date coming up, the process of getting yourself covered for the road can be a confusing and stressful one. If you do your research and understand some of the key principals however, you will be able to get the best possible cover that suits you and possibly saving money on your premium. Here are some of the key things you should know before you purchase car insurance;

No claims bonus (NCB):  

If you’re renewing your car insurance, then a clean record of no claims or Garda penalty points in the preceding years of driving will save you money. Your history of insured driving doesn’t necessarily have to be on your own independent policy. A record of clean driving as a named driver will make you appear more favourable to a lot of insurers so don’t forget to mention this when getting your quote. Your NCB is still valid for a period of up to two years without private car insurance. This is important to note for anyone who is returning from living or working abroad for a period of up to 24 months as your NCB will still be eligible when you go to get a new policy. To find out more about your NCB and to get a record of it, contact your current or previous insurance company about this.


Image of the dashboard in a car. Having a long NCB will give you better value car insurance


Your Car: 

Have your car valued accurately before you get your first policy or pay for your renewal. Knowing the current market value will allow you to insure the car for the right amount. Without correctly valuing your car, in the event of a claim you may be under insured and thus have to pay part of a claim out of your own pocket. There are many resources online that can help you get a good estimation of your current vehicles value.


Your Profession/Job Title: 

If you use your car as part of your daily job either to carry heavy tools or even just to commute, then this may impact your premium. Even if you don’t use your car to commute however, your occupation may still impact the price you’re quoted. For example, journalists and entertainers may get quoted a higher price than other professions such as Accountant when they get a quote. Be clear on what field of work you’re in i.e Accountant because describing your role as “Global Director for Logistical Adherence” may be confusing. This could lead to insurers rating you in the wrong category and costing you money!


Image of two office workers. Having your profession clearly defined will help you get an accurate car insurance quote



Insurance companies can offer their existing customers incentives to purchase their other products. These incentives offer a great opportunity to get quick discount on say car insurance. For example, you may benefit from savings on your car insurance if you already have home insurance. Keep an eye out for these incentives as well as other deals, discounts and online offers that pop up around key renewal periods each year.


Payment Methods: 

Spreading the cost of your cover across direct debit payments is convenient, but it usually costs you more over the period of cover. If you’re taking out an insurance policy, opt to pay the full amount in one go. This may not be an option for a lot of people, but it will save you some quick money and you won’t have to think about it again.


Image of a payment details web page open on a mobile phone. Paying an insurance premium outright will save you money on a direct debit payment scheme

To get a quick 1 or 2 year car insurance quote, visit our car insurance page. You can also get a great value Home Insurance quote too! For more news, offers and content don’t forget to follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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