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Whether you’re trying to make a new house feel like home, or trying to liven up your current one, cracking out the paint brushes can be one of the easiest ways of achieving this. However, painting your home can be an ordeal if you don’t plan it correctly and follow some important steps. Many people will opt in favour of hiring someone for the job but with some time and effort, you’ll be blown away by what you can do on your own. Here’s our guide to painting your home with minimum (emphasis on the word minimum) stress.



Take your time to visualise how you would like the room to look once it is finished. Consider everything from natural lighting to who may be sleeping in it (yes all kids grow out of Peppa Pig). Test out different colour samples and get as many second opinions as you can (electric purple may only seem like a good idea to you). Dulux recently released an app that allows you to visualise exactly what a room will look like with a particular colour scheme. You can see how it works below:




The first mistake that many homeowners make is underestimating the job at hand. It’s really not as simple as just grabbing a bucket of paint, a brush and blaring your favourite playlist in the background to keep you going. You need to consider the paint type, the brushes and the many surfaces you may have to treat differently.

The amount of paint you’ll need is always something that people struggle to get right. As a general rule, 4 litres of paint will cover a surface of 400 square feet. Bear in mind too that you will need to double (or treble) the surface area depending on how many coats you’ll be needing. Once you’ve prepped the room, applied the appropriate number of coats and given it all time to dry, this process can take up to two days so plan accordingly.



Before you start to paint, make sure the surface you’re working on is free of any nail marks, plaster, grease or other blemishes. Once you’ve painted over these although they might look fine initially, over time these faults will start to reappear and ruin an otherwise great job. Once you’ve taken care of these, you can begin to apply that base or primer coat.


Image of blue paint on a plastic sheeting beside a roller. Covering your surfaces from falling paint is a key part of preparing for a painting job


Skirting Boards: 

Many will leave these until last, but it can actually be better to start with them as they are the trickiest part. Sand them smooth first before you apply your varnish or paint. Once this has been done, you can place tape or other protection around them and begin to paint both the walls and the roof.



How many coats of paint you will need to apply depends mainly on what you’re painting over. If you’re painting a dark colour over a bright one then this should only really take 2-3 coats. If however, you’re painting a bright colour(say white) over a dark one(black), then this could take up to 6 coats in some cases. Allow each coat to fully dry before judging whether it will require another one.



Once you’ve applied the finishing touches to the walls, skirting boards, roof and other fixtures, allow the room to breathe by opening the windows wide on a dry day. Rooms usually take a full 24 hours to dry and lose that overwhelming fresh paint smell. Allow for 2-3 days before sleeping in a newly painted room. Always use mirrors, light fixtures, framed photos and other items that complement the newly painted surfaces to give it that extra wow factor.


Image of a cabinet unit against a wall. Painting a wall is only half the job when accessories like pictures, chairs and plants can all make a massive difference


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