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It’s that time of year again, the evenings are getting darker and the only thing that stands between us and a stretch of endless Christmas music is Halloween. Halloween can be an especially exciting time for those with small children. Dressing up, free sweets and fireworks all add to this excitement too. It can however, be a pain when it comes to making an effort with your home decorations.



Here at Blue Insurance, we’ve been scouring the internet to see how with little to no budget, you can produce some fun decorations that will have your home looking sufficiently scary in no time! You can also recruit your own crafty little monsters to help with making them. Click on the images below if you would like more details on each:



Scary Mason Jars


via: www.princesspinkygirl.com

With shops like Mr Price, Tiger and other home-ware stores selling mason jars from as little as €2, there really is no excuse to not give these a try. Alternatively of course, you can use old jam jars or containers you may have lying around.

You then cut or print the “spooky” shapes and stick them on the jar before painting over with the appropriate colour of paint. If you don’t have any paint either, then an old black or red nail varnish will do the trick! Just peel off the shapes once the paint has dried and they’re perfect for a hall table or patio.


Hanging Ghosts 

Another painfully simple design, all you’ll need for this is some Styrofoam balls, some cloth or even an old bed sheet (if this hasn’t already been used for a last minute ghost costume). If you can’t make it to the craft shop to pick up the Styrofoam, then an old tennis ball or even balled up newspaper will do the job on this one. Paint the eyes on with black paint or marker (that old black nail varnish will also work) and hang them outside your door with some thread or string. Just pray that the wind isn’t too much for them.


Via: www.simplydesigning.com



Spider web wreath


Via: www.Mysisterssuitcase.com

We’re all familiar with Christmas wreaths on peoples doors, but here’s a genius idea for a similar one that would be perfect for Halloween. All you need is a wreath (that Christmas one will do) and strip it back before covering it with novelty cobwebs and plastic spiders (available from most toy or craft shops around this time of year). You can also add fake blood or anything else your imagination can come up with. Once Halloween has passed, you’ll have a head start on Christmas already and can just redress your wreath in fairy lights and ribbons!


Mandarin Pumpkins

Why have a pumpkin when you can make yourself an evil army of mini pumpkins by buying a bag of mandarins and some marker pens. Get the younger ones involved in this too as each can create their own fun design. If you still love to carve a pumpkin, then these will work perfectly alongside it as an army of minions.


Via: www.adesignerlife.net


Witches Legs 

This is one of the more elaborate decorations of our lot but will definitely be appreciated by neighbours and any “trick or treaters” that might come knocking. All you’ll need for this is a pair of old heels, some “witches” tights and whatever you can muster up for the legs. The ones pictured below were created with chicken wiring under papier mache. A cheaper alternative would be sticks from your garden, or coat hangers with bundled up clothes to fill out the tights. You can also include a broom nearby to add to the effect.


Image via: www.grillo-designs.com



Outdoor Pumpkin Lights

This will give any room in your home a distinctly Halloween feel and is one of the easiest decorations on our list. Pumpkin trick or treat buckets can be found in nearly every toy shop or newsagents in the lead up to Halloween. Simply pick one of these up and cut out the back. You can then fit it or tape it around a light fixture indoors or outdoors to create a sinister mood.


Image Via: www.styletic.com



Bleeding Halloween Candles

Our final idea is another no-brainer as all you’ll need is two candles. Buy one red and one white candle and allow the red one to “bleed” wax onto the top of the white one. As this wax runs and sets, it will begin to look garish. You can then ad pins or nails into the wax to really enhance the effect as below:


Image Via: www.popsugar.com


So there you have it, 7 easy ideas to help make your home look the part this Halloween! If you’re afraid of those scary Home Insurance renewals hikes creeping up behind you then get a great value home insurance quote today. We also offer a great value Motor Insurance policy. For more news, offers and content follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.”

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