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As with any interiors project, creating a new bathroom from scratch can be pretty daunting and overwhelming. There’s so much choice these days so you have to consider the pros and cons of everything well in advance. If you’re building an extension or a new home, you have a blank canvas from which to work. You may also be just renovating your old bathroom, so you might be limited to some design elements due to space or how your bathroom is plumbed.

SONAS Bathrooms is Ireland’s leading bathroom provider and they’ve dealt with pretty much every single scenario when it comes to helping people create the bathroom of their dreams. This week we caught up with them to get their top tips for ensuring your bathroom renovation project runs as smoothly as possible.



Communication is key

Whatever the project, be it a renovation or a brand new build, talking to the experts is your absolute top priority. Speak to your architect about the bathroom you’d like to create and tell them about your family’s lifestyle i.e. who’s going to be using the bathroom? What’s the average age of the people using it? etc. This will all help you make up your mind about what would work best in the space.

If you’re a busy family that plays a lot of sport, for example, a shower may be more important than a bath, whereas a family with young children might place a lot of stock in the bath as a feature in their bathroom. Likewise, if soaking in the bath after a busy week at work is something you love to do, then you should consider this element too. Put a list together of all your wants and needs.


Use your space wisely but don’t overcrowd the room

Check the measurements of your room and speak to your installer to make sure you have the correct space. You don’t want your basin to be too close to your toilet, or your bathroom door to open against the side of your bath, for example. Speak to the experts at SONAS Bathrooms and find out what they’d recommend for your unique space.


Image of a bathroom vanity unit available from SONAS Bathrooms


Make sure your products are fit for purpose

You might really want a powerful shower but your water pressure might not be up to scratch. All taps and showers will have a minimum operating pressure in their description so talk to your plumber about what your system at home can offer. Certain showers will need a pressurised water system also. You need to consider how many people are using the showers in your home and choose the size of your hot water cylinder accordingly.


Future proof your bathroom

Many SONAS Bathrooms products come with a lifetime guarantee for a reason – they are built to last. A bathroom renovation is a big investment so you won’t be doing it often. Think of your family’s needs for both now and well into the future. Consider low profile shower trays and anti slip surfaces in case mobility issues arise in future, or to accommodate elderly visitors.


Image of the anti slip enclosures bathroom shower tray from SONAS Bathrooms


Ensure your plumber is registered

There’s no point in going out of your way choosing fabulous, high quality bathroom ware if you’re going to get just anyone to install it. Your bathroom fit out needs to be carried out by a professional who knows what they’re doing. For example, if you’re creating a wet room, your bathroom will need to be tanked out and waterproofed to prevent water damage or leaks.

Your plumber needs to be qualified and registered – don’t be afraid to ask questions and do your best to get someone who comes recommended by a family member or friend. Shop around for prices but remember the cheapest price doesn’t mean the best value if the person carrying out the work isn’t professional or reliable.


The old adage of you can never have enough storage applies to your bathroom as well

The bathroom is one of the busiest rooms in the house and it serves so many purposes: it’s obviously a very functional room for many reasons but it also doubles up as a haven away from the rest of the house. It’s the one room of the house where you can legitimately lock yourself away and enjoy some quiet, relaxing time. So you’ll need space to store everything from spare toilet paper to toiletries, makeup, medicine and all the other bits and pieces you use on a regular basis.

Vanity units are ideal and are increasingly popular compared to just installing a pedestal basin. You can store all your bits and pieces underneath in handy drawers. SONAS Bathrooms also has fabulous storage columns for extra space and their long, narrow dimensions make them ideal even in bathrooms where space is at a premium.


Image of a bathroom vanity unit storage available from SONAS Bathrooms


Check out the full range of bathroom furniture and gain endless amounts of bathroom inspiration by visiting www.sonasbathrooms.com. You can also drop in their stunning showroom in Dublin 15 for a closer look. Don’t forget to protect all of the rooms in your home with a great value 2 year home insurance policy. We also offer great value 2 year car insurance policies that could save you even more. For future promotions, discounts and other content follow us on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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