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Some of the most popular posts on our blog are about the cars of Simon Cowell and Kanye West. It’s clear that the lifestyles of the mega rich is something that fascinates a lot of us. With this in mind, we decided to cast our focus this time instead on celebrities homes. With everything from on site zoos to helicopter pads, celebrities can go a little over the top when it comes to creating their perfect nest egg. Here are 7 amazing celebrities homes that we think have gotten everything just right;

Ellen De Generous’ LA Home:

The American TV icon has reportedly made a lot of money in real estate during the last 20 years. She and her wife Portia De Rossi have a habit of buying large Californian based homes, renovating them and selling them for a huge profit. This particular property in Santa Barbara is our personal favourite though. It’s known as simply “The Villa” and is modeled on the rustic Italian villas of the 17th century. The mix of modern furniture and fittings against the stone backdrop of the building is what makes this property so appealing to us. Having been listed at an original price tag of $45,000,000 in 2017, “The Villa” is one of the pricier homes on our list. Check out the video below from Sotheby’s Realty to get an idea of just why it could garner that money;



Ralph Lauren’s Home In New York: 

Ralph Lauren’s luxury fashion brand is recognised around the world and makes him millions each year. Of his many properties however, it’s perhaps his New York mansion that has the most character. The home is like something from a fairytale and is described as part “hunting lodge” part “stately home”. Each of the rooms are like an art museum and the property is situated on 250 acres of sprawling land and woods. We can’t seem to find what the market value of this lodge is but we’d imagine one of the paintings could go for as much as a modest home. You can get a feel for just how lavish the architecture is in the video below.



Rihanna’s Barbadian Palace:

The Barbadian chart topping superstar has rented and owned many properties during her career. This 5 bedroom coastal home in her own Barbados though is one that really grabbed our attention. The $22,000,000 abode comes equipped with a gym, a 24hr concierge and even it’s own private beach by the Caribbean. If we were to pick any of the properties on our list as a holiday home, this would have to be the one! Sunsets will never be the same again!



Harry and Meghan’s English Countryside Home: 

It’s been a big year for the Royal family as Prince Harry married Hollywood actress Meghan Markle back in May. The couple have had the media glare on them since and with recent news of a royal baby on the way, they’ll no doubt be settling down to a permanent home. In a nod to Harrys own upbringing, it’s been muted that they will raise their child at Nottingham Cottage.The cottage was where Princess Diana raised both William and Harry and so would be the perfect place to start their own family. Although the property is technically a two bed cottage, it’s part of the Kensington Palace grounds and so we imagine it looks something like the below.


Image of a palatial room like the ones in Kensington Palace. Celebrity homes like these are usually for royalty


Amal and George Clooney’s Lake Como Home:

Amal and George Clooney got married in August of 2014 in Venice, Italy. They’re both clearly big fans of the country as they also own a home on Lake Como. The property has 25 rooms, an outdoor theater and even a separate “Pizza room” that we feel every home should have! Clooney reportedly bought the property years ago when he was motorbiking through the region and his bike broke down. After being welcomed into the villa by it’s owner, Clooney ended up purchasing the home for $7,500,000 (the cheapest property on our list) and has holidayed there ever since. It’s even hosted Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for a weekend so it’s fit for royalty too.


Image of Lake Como in Italy. The lake is a popular spot for celebrity homes


David and Victoria Beckham Palm Jumeirah, Dubai: 

The Beckham’s are worth nearly $1bn according to Business Insider. It’s probably no surprise then that they have a collectiuon of mansions dotted across the globe. One of their most stunning properties in our opinion is the villa they own on the exclusive Palm Jumeirah island in Dubai. The man made island is one of the most impressive engineering projects on earth and a very exclusive place to own property. According to the Daily Mail online, Becks paid only $400,000 for the villa when it was still a roughly planned out investment opportunity back in 2002. It has ended up being a great investment too as if he was to sell the property now, it could go for up to $5,000,000. To give you an idea of just how breathtaking this location is, check out this drone footage below;



Will Smith’s Hawaii Home: 

The Fresh Prince turned box office star has a number of homes both in America and around the world. The one we would most like to see however is this Hawaiian Island retreat. With reports that he has decided to list the home for sale at $12,000,000, it’s not hard to see the value in every corner of this amazing property. It comes complete with a tropical fruit orchard, tennis courts, a multi purpose recording studio and luxurious guest houses. This is definitely one of the more unique homes on the list and another one that we wouldn’t mind escaping to.


Image of palm trees in Hawaii. Hawaii is a popular destination for many American celebrity homes

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